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The morning miracle

Eye contour

24,90 €

99% ingredients of natural origin – without THC  

Attend a miracle every time you wake up! More effective than an espresso, this skincare is a refreshing cocktail of active ingredients, destined to women and men for whom a good night's sleep is often optional. The richness of organic cannabis sativa (hemp) oil makes it a super active moisturizer, decongestant and detoxifying. Loaded with essential fatty acids, minerals and antioxidant active ingredients, it nourishes and revitalizes the skin for a fresh and relaxed look. This cream has a smooth and melting texture, and contains aloe vera gel, silk tree extract and hyaluronic acid. The benefits of power napping in a small tube! Please note that the only addiction provided by this product will be due to its 100% natural green and fresh scent!


  • Reduces signs of skin fatigue
  • Promotes micro-circulation
  • Regenerates and strengthen the skin
  • 99% natural
  • Suitable for all skin types


Size : 0,7 fl oz / 20 ml



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